Our approaches 

Tailored treatments for each patient

Our scientifically supported treatments combine western and nutritional therapies aiming to address potential underlying causes of mental health symptoms.



  • Pathology Testing

  • Assessment for organic causes, such as thyroid imbalances, and iron deficiency

  • Introducing or modifying medications

  • Referral for counselling and psychologists

  • Referral and liaising with Psychiatrists 



  • Microbiome assessment 

  • Healing the gut and microbiome

  • Brain and body detoxing

  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies

  • Supplements for neurotransmitter function

  • Supplements to address neuro-inflammation

Holistic Mental Health Treatment

Healing from the inside

At HolisticMed Clinic, our treatments aim to correct underlying factors that may be contributing to mental health symptoms.


Initially we will arrange tests that may help identify issues such as thyroid imbalance or iron deficiency, which are known to contribute to mental health symptoms.

We work on optimising the western medicine treatments, such as medications and counselling, and provide natural treatment options, including sleep and dietary changes, and may use supplements to address areas such as detoxification, neuro-inflammation, and the microbiome. We consult with patients regarding these approaches, and tailor treatments taking into consideration patient preferences and specific needs. 

We liaise and refer patients to psychiatrists when there is clinical need for specialist care, and recommend patients continue with their specialists treatment advice if they are currently under the care of a psychiatrist. We can provide complimentary holistic treatment options in these cases. 

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